Noise Cancelling Headphones:RP-HC800E


Make Surroundings Silent With Noise Cancelling Technology.

The HC800 Headphones use the newest noise cancelling technology to reduce environmental noise that can disturb and ruin the enjoyment of music. The HC800 lets you enjoy your favourite music without surrounding noise even when you are travelling in an airplane, train or bus.

  • Noise Cancelling- The HC800’s improved feedback cancelling technology achieves superb noise cancelling performance over a wide frequency range.The built-in high-performance microphone in the housing detects environmental noise in the mid- to low- frequency range and feeds back a reverse-phase sound wave to significantly lower the noise. Tightly sealed ear cups also block the entry of environmental noise in the mid- to high frequency range.
  • Comfortable Fit- Feel the outstanding comfort of this wide, great fitting headband and soft pad. The ear pads apply slight pressure to the earlobes for maximum comfort.
  • High- Quality Sound- RP-HC800 Headphones produce powerful sound and bass with 40-mm driver units. They give you a true-to-life sound field with realistic bass and clear mid-to-high-frequency sounds.
  • 40h Long Time Playback- The alkaline battery provides a long 40 hours of music play. It eliminates worries about the battery running out even when you are on the move for many hours. And you can also hear teh music when the noise cancelling switch is ON or OFF. The hybrid sound reproduction system lets you listen to music even when the batteru has run out, just like you do with ordinary headphones.
  • Detachable Audio Cord- The 1.5m/4.9ft cord can be detached so the headphones can be stowed away compactly. That makes convenient to carry around.
  • Swivel Mechanism for Convenient Storage- The housings turn 90 degrees and allow the headphones to be folded for compact storage.
  • Carrying Case- The supplied carrying case helps maintain the shape of the headphones even when they are packed in a bog or suitcase, and protects the headphones from impacts.

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