EY78A1LS2G57 KIT- 18V Cordless Rotary Hammer & Drill


High speed drilling performance with a dual function rotary hammer or drill & driver. Featuring a complete concrete plug installation by one tool, 4.2Ah Li-on battery, SDS-plus bit system and a 5-stage clutch plus drill.

  • High Performance Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver- The Panasonic EY78A1LS2G57 18V Rotary Hammer Drill & driver is light and has a high speed drilling, yet powerful thanks to its 4.2Ah Li-on battery. It is easy and comfortable to hold and features an excellent cooling and dust proof design for continuous use as well as an SDS-plus bit system. It offers five torque levels, which can be adjusted according to the hardness of the material or the type of material being fastened, an LED light for greater visibility and a shoulder strap.
  • Air System Hammer- The Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver offers a high speed concrete drilling using air type, Cup Piston Method Hammer.
  • Five Torque Levels- The torque level can be adjusted according to the hardness of the material or the type of material being drilled, approximately from 1.25 to 5.4N.m (1.0N.m per stage, total 5 stages.)
  • Tough Tools for Tough Conditions- Many things can happen at a job site such as unexpected incidents, water contact, or exposure to dust; which can cause a tool to malfunction. By incorporating the Tough Tool IP technology, it reassures that Panasonic cordless tools perform at its best in the most difficult situations.
  • Dust and Water Resistant Level IP56- The International Protection Codes classifies the degree of protection provided against intrusion of solid foreign objects and liquids in electrical machinery and fixtures as defined by the IEC standards.
  • Performance Protection- Switch- an additional rubber cap seals the switch and protects it against dust and water. Electronics- the electronic circuits of control panel and battery pack are covered by an Urethan layer for maximum dust and water protection. Battery- the battery cells are designed to avoid intrusion of moisture.
  • Dual Voltaage for Better Versatility- Dual voltage technology offers powerful performance with either a 14.4V aor 18V battery. A special dual voltage circuit detects the voltage of the attached battery pack and controls the current and voltage flows to the tool to ensure optimum performance.
  • 18V High Power- With 18.0 voltage, it’s easy to use the Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver packed with high speed drilling.
  • Compact and Powerful- Panasonic’s new generation 18V 4.2Ah Li-ion battery cell delivers high power and long lasting battery capacity. The 18 V Li-on batteries are durable and has great working capacity per charge.
  • Durable New Design- Over-discharge prevention sensor- prevents over-discharge to avoid lasting cell damage or recharge problems. Battery overheat protection sensor- cuts off power to the motors before the battery temperature rises. Individual monitoring of battery cell voltage- each cell monitored by sensor to ensure optimal discharge control. Battery Capacity indicator- to reduce the risk of battery power running low, users can check status on the indicator. Battery sensor- flashing lamps indicated overheating battery. Battery is automatically reactivated when temperature drops. Heat resistance layer technology- in cases where seperator is damaged and abnormal heat is created, HRL acts to contain this heat, just like a Fire wall. NNP technology- Panasonic’s own developed Nickel oxide material provides higher capacity and higher reliability.


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